Ever Wish You Were a Trucker in the 1970s? So Did This Driver

This is an ode to the good old days of trucking before all of this technology and regulation. Ask any trucker who was sitting behind the wheel of a big rig in the 70s and he’ll tell you. It was paradise. Sure, the roads and trucks were rougher than they are today. But at the same time, the freedom! The respect! The high income compared to other jobs! It was all there for the taking, which is why most of the seasoned drivers took to the open road when it was time to find a trucking job. Well, a couple of truckers aren’t letting go of the past. Check out what Todd Campbell and Kevin Young are doing to reclaim the Seventies.

Back in Time Tour 2016

Campbell and Young weren’t truckers during the Seventies, but they wish they were. In remembrance of the golden oldies these two truckers are taking back the days by transforming their rigs and outfits to look straight-up 70s. You’ve probably heard of Rockabillies, those people who dress up and live in houses outfitted in appliances from the 1950s. Well, this is like that but with a trucker twist. As part of their mission to spread the nostalgia of the long gone trucking culture, Campbell and Young are taking over social media for the Back in Time Tour 2016.

From Cab Overs to Comb Overs

Along the way they are driving old school trucks remodeled to be just like the classics of the 70s. Campbell cruises along in a retrofitted rig. The base is a 1995 Freightliner COE, Icy Red in color, with upgrades in the form of 1979 body panels. The interior is taken from a 1981 model truck, a little past its Seventies’ prime but still in the right vibe. Young rolls on in a 1981 Freightliner COE, painted with its original yellow hue. Check out Young’s Instagram page that shows plenty of pics of his old school cab over. Campbell is on Instagram, too, as well as Facebook where you can follow this dynamic duo on their adventures.

Campbell in particular is really into the whole Seventies vibe. He’s got these mutton chops growing in along with outfits that are old school trucker style. He’s like a living relic that reminds truck drivers of what it was like to be a trucker before all of this technology came to be. While it’s ironic that the two are all over social media with their tour, it’s a great way to get the word out about their mission.

It’s not just about the hair and the clothes and the cab overs, either. One of the main reasons these two are into 1970s is because that’s considered the last great era of truck drivers. The culture back then was much different, as noted by Overdrive, when the Knights of the Road were on the roll. Everybody had to bond together to help each other out because no one had a cell phone or a computer for finding directions and communicating. You really did depend on your fellow truck drivers to help you stay rolling. Whether you were a trucker in the greatest era of trucking, or not even a thought way back when, it’s still cool to see such interest taken in the trucking culture.