Estes Express CEO Rob Estes Wins Leadership Award in Virginia

When you choose a trucking company to haul for, what is one of the key factors to help you make your decision? Are you looking to drive for a company that is run by a true born leader? Most truck drivers would say yes. After all, when you have a leader at the helm of your company, you can rest assured they’ll make the smartest decisions regarding your trucking job and paycheck. For one trucking company in Virginia, the leadership is truly a winner. Find out how Rob Estes of Estes Express was given the Leadership Award in the Top Workplaces.

Leadership Award in Trucking

Recently the Richmond Times-Dispatch chose Rob Estes, president and CEO of Estes Express, for the prestigious Leadership Award in the Top Workplaces category. There were four leaders selected for this award. Each individual was chosen based on feedback from their employees. That’s right, the employees at Estes Express felt that their boss is a true leader.

The company released this statement about the leadership award: “These awards reflect something we’ve known and believed here for a long time: Taking good care of our teammates, embracing open communications, and valuing every employee results in a better organization that takes care of its customers. It’s a blessing to lead such an amazing and talented group of people. I like to think that Estes Express Lines is as much employee driven as we are family driven.” The company was also voted as one of the Top 5 Best Places to Work in Richmond, Virginia and within the transportation category.

Working for Estes Express

If you are interested in hauling for a trucking company with a leader in charge, consider a career at Estes Express. This Virginia trucking company was founded way back in 1931. As a family-owned and operated carrier over the course of nearly a century, founder W.W. Estes set forward the right approach to leading this company. Today the company features a widespread hold for shipping with more than 230 truck driving terminals across the US. Truck drivers at Estes Express handle LTL trucking jobs, truckload hauls, volume hauling, and time-sensitive freight. The carrier provides full-service shipping including door to door services.

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Source: Estes Express – Press Release