CR England Truck Drivers Welcomed to Honored Veterans Fleet

At CR England, military veterans are rock stars. These drivers have gone above and beyond the literal call of duty when it comes to their military service. Now, these individuals are serving our great nation by providing truck driving and freight hauling services. After all, if we didn’t have truckers, we wouldn’t even have food on our tables. At one trucking company in Salt Lake City, Utah, truck driver veterans are getting some special attention. Check out how CR England honors its veteran truck drivers.

Honored Veterans Fleet

Four of the truck drivers for CR England were quite honored for their service by the trucking employer. During a recognition ceremony in June 2018, the following drivers were added to the Honored Veterans Fleet:

  • Corey Reed in Price, Utah
  • Jeff Brooks in Spanish Fork, Utah
  • Arthur Martin in Huntingburg, Indiana
  • Anthony Holland in Cleburne, Texas

These four seasoned truck drivers are military veterans who also have exemplary driving records at CR England.

Out of respect for their service, CR England honored these four as members of the Honored Veterans Fleet. In addition, a special award was presented to one distinctive truck driver. Colonel Rayfel Bachiller from the US Marine Corps was recognized as the CR England Honored Veteran. He was presented with this separate vets award alongside the other three drivers at the CR England Salt Lake City headquarters.

The Honored Veterans Fleet has a total of 26 military veterans. These drivers have all been included since the inception of the fleet in 2014. To be a part of the Honored Veterans Fleet, you need to be more than a vet driver. You must also have a stellar truck driver safety record and military service background. If you are the combination star driver, and you work for CR England, then you, too, could one day be a part of the Honored Veterans Fleet.

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Truck Driving Jobs at CR England

Maybe you’ve seen the CR England trucks rolling down the highway. Perhaps you have met some CR England truck drivers and they seem friendly enough. More likely if you are reading this you are a military veteran who wants to become a trucker and CR England looks like a great company to work for. Whatever brought you here, the ultimate goal is to find a trucking job that will pay you what you deserve. CR England is in a prime position to fulfill that position.

Start your search for trucking jobs at CR England by taking a look at the available haul types. CR England is a leading refrigerated trucking company in North America. They are also one of the oldest having been founded in 1920. The headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the carrier provides trucking services throughout the US and into Mexico. As a truck driver for CR England, you are looking at reefer trucking jobs, as well as intermodal freight hauling, dedicated freight loads, and regional trucking jobs.

One Against Childhood Hunger

The trucking company is also a huge proponent of charity work. Truck drivers at CR England are able to give back to the community by being involved in One Against Childhood Hunger. With this nonprofit organization, CR England truckers are helping to give out 1 million free meals to kids every year.

So far as of July 2018, the company has given out more than half a million free meals so they are right on target. If you are a millennial truck driver interested in working for a trucking company that wants to make a positive change in the world, the CR England is a fantastic place to start. For some truck drivers, this could be the make or break point in finding a trucking job.

Getting Hired as a Truck Driver

If you want a tip on how to get hired as a truck driver for a company like CR England, keep up with the latest trucking company news. Know little factoids like about the Honored Veterans Fleet and One Against Childhood Hunger before you go into an interview at CR England, for example. This can help you stand apart from other truck drivers looking for trucking jobs who might have a better-looking resume than you. In fact, with a little bit of research, you show you really are invested in a company. That will typically tip the scales in your favor.

Source: CR England – Press Release