Kelsey Trail Trucking and Big Freight Systems Team Up

Add another trucking company to the Daseke crew with this latest merger in the trucking industry. Kelsey Trail Trucking, a carrier out of Canada, is now a part of Big Freight Systems. Both are under the Daseke brand of flatbed trucking companies in the US. More importantly, this latest acquisition takes Daseke across our northern border into Canadian territory. Check out more about this latest trucking company to be acquired by Daseke.

Flatbed Trucking in Canada

The latest acquisition of Kelsey Trail by Big Freight will increase the latter’s fleet size by 80 tractors. Drivers at Kelsey Trail Trucking handled OTR long-haul trucking jobs, as well as regional loads. Regarding the acquisition, Big Freight will be able to increase shipping services for Kelsey Trail’s existing customers.

Jim Clunie, Kelsey Trail Trucking President, said, “[From an operational standpoint,] merging with Big Freight will give us the opportunity to better support our team with access to the first-class facility in Steinbach and property in Winnipeg.”

Big Freight Systems is also gaining in a massive truck driver facility that will enable the carrier to attract better driver talent. Regarding the acquisition, Big Freight Systems President, Gary Coleman, said, “And, for Big Freight, we will have access to Kelsey Trail’s new 42,000-square-foot facility north of Toronto. The more efficient we can operate day-in and day-out, the more competitive we will be long term. We will raise the bar and offer an unparalleled level of service and capacity. This next chapter will be remarkable. It’s going to be good for the Big Freight team, good for the Kelsey Trail team, and it will be good for our customers.”

Coleman continued: “This is a big day for both companies. While we will operate somewhat autonomously, we will share many resources—there is a lot of synergy between the two companies. Big Freight hauls single flatbed trailers throughout the United States and Canada, while Kelsey Trail is the largest dedicated B-train operator in Canada, with coast-to-coast truckload and LTL service.

Kelsey Trail also has a regional B-train operation in Ontario and Quebec. We’ve never competed for freight, but now we’ll be able to work together in some creative ways. That’s exciting for both companies, and it will be a benefit for our customers. It will give us a competitive edge and more freight opportunities.”

Working for Big Freight Systems

If you are interested in driving a truck for Big Freight Systems, take note that the company is based in Manitoba, Canada. Therefore, you will need to be a Canadian truck driver. Another option would be to work for another flatbed trucking company that is in the Daseke community. Several flatbed carriers are included in the US:

  • Smokey Point Distributing
  • E.W. Wylie
  • J. Grady Randolph
  • Central Oregon Truck Company
  • Lone Star Transportation
  • Bulldog Hiway Express
  • Hornady Transportation
  • The Boyd Companies, Boyd Bros. Transportation, and WTI Transport
  • The Schilli Companies
  • Big Freight Systems
  • The Steelman Companies
  • The Roadmaster Group
  • TSH & Co. Tennessee Steel Haulers
  • Moore Freight Service, Inc.
  • Aveda Transportation and Energy Services for oil mining

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Source: Daseke – Press Release