Meet Quality Distribution, a Florida Chemical Trucking Company

Truck drivers in Florida who are looking for a trucking job should check out Quality Distribution. The carrier is contracted to haul for some big name brands like Sherwin-Williams, Dow Chemical Company, and Procter & Gamble. Want to haul for companies like that? Check out more information about this 105-year-old trucking company in Tampa.

Quality Distribution Company

Headquartered in Tampa, this is a bulk transportation and liquid hauling company founded in 1913. The company has locations throughout North America and Europe in 140 terminals and service centers. Originally Quality Distribution was called MTL, Inc. before changing the name in 1999. Today the Florida trucking company has a fleet of 3,500 truck drivers, 3,200 trucks, and 5,700 trailers.

At the transportation company, Quality Distribution, there are three different divisions. Intermodal is the transportation division of the company that handles tanker container trucking and ISO tank container transport. In addition, the Intermodal division provides tank cleaning, testing, maintenance, and storage services for other tanker hauling companies.

Quality Distribution also operates Chemical Logistics. This division is involved with coordinating liquid chemical hauling, dry bulk chemical freight, and food-grade freight hauling. The third division at Quality Distribution is Energy Logistics. Within this segment of the company, truck drivers handle crude oil and water for oil mining operations. This is the type of work available for truck drivers interested in working for oil mining companies, oil fields in North Dakota, and marine mining work.

Getting a Trucking Job at Quality Distribution

To become a trucker for Quality Distribution, you need to start by getting a Class A CDL along with your tanker and hazmat endorsements. The reason why Quality Distribution requires all of its truck drivers to get their hazmat and tanker endorsements is that the majority of freight handled here is chemical, liquid, or both. What that means for you is the ability to make more money as a truck driver.

These endorsements require you to provide a background check, fingerprinting, and specialized testing. All of this places a higher premium on your services as a truck driver. That equals more money in your pocket, which is why it is worth the effort to take your CDL endorsement exams before applying to a trucking job at Quality Distribution.

CSA Score Checkup

Quality Distribution also looks at your CSA score to see how safe you are as a truck driver. By the way, did you know that you can check your CSA score? All you have to do is visit the FMCSA CSA website. Enter your name and DOT or MC number, and you are able to view your own score. You can also check the score of your employer, potential employers, or other companies.

It is always a good idea to check your CSA score before applying for a trucking job. This way you know if there is anything unsavory on there that your trucking job recruiter is about to find out about. If you see something that is inaccurate, you have the right to contest the account via the FMCSA.

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Source: Quality Distribution – News