UPS Takes a Spin in Electric Semi ET-One by Thor Trucks

In the battle for the first company to manufacturer zero emissions electric semis, two brands have been going head to head. Tesla and Nikola Motor Company have been making headlines for months. You have heard about trucking companies that have reserved electric Class 8 trucks from either Tesla or Nikola. There has also been plenty of chatter about which company will be the first to produce their version of an electric truck. All the while, Thor Trucks has been busy putting out its own all-electric truck. In fact, the Georgia trucking company UPS has decided to test one of the Thor Truck short-haul trucks for its own LTL trucking fleet.

Thor Trucks in Los Angeles, California

Electric truck manufacturer Thor Trucks is based in Los Angeles, California. LA is also the location of the testing that UPS will provide for the electric truck manufacturer. The company is a startup founded in 2016 with no previous truck manufacturing experience. Co-founders Dakota Semler and Giordano Sordoni are utilizing family wealth and multi-generational experience in the trucking industry to create a greener semi line.

Electric Truck Line at Thor Trucks

While Thor Trucks is a small business with only 18 employees. However, these workers are highly experienced engineers and auto designers with resumes featuring US Hybrid, Navistar, Boeing, electric car brand Faraday Future, and electric bus maker BYD. They have already created the ET-One prototype that has been spotted cruising around LA. Currently, Thor Trucks has the ET-One that runs up to 300 miles on a single charge, as well as a 100-mile truck for regional trucking jobs.

However, it is the Class 6 version that UPS will be testing out. This truck runs at the shorter range of 100 miles, which is ideally suited for regional trucking jobs at UPS Freight. Thor Trucks is also in the works on an even shorter range truck that covers up to 50 miles per charge. This would be perfect for local trucking jobs.

Cost of Thor Trucks

The future 50-mile range truck is expected to come in at a super low price of $68,000, which would make it a great asset for local haulers and parcel carriers. Speaking of price tags, we don’t have a price tag for the Class 6 truck, or not yet prototyped shorter range truck.

However, we do know how much the ET-One will cost trucking companies. The Tesla Semi and ET-One are both starting at $150,000 based on configuration. In terms of affordability, both of these truck manufacturers offer a cheaper base model compared to the Nikola One, which starts at $375,000.

UPS Testing Class 6 Truck

UPS has signed up to test run one of the Class 6 version of the company’s electric semi. Regarding the testing, UPS President of Global Fleet Maintenance and Engineering, Carlton Rose, said, “UPS believes in the future of commercial electric vehicles. We want to support the research needed to make advances and the companies developing those innovative products. Performance is critical in our fleet. We are excited to get this vehicle on the road to test how it handles routes in and around Los Angeles.”

This test run will give UPS truck drivers an excellent opportunity to see how well these electric trucks perform in a high-demand environment. LA is one of the most congested cities in the nation, and being able to navigate these routes without malfunctions will support Thor Trucks’ mission to increase awareness of greener trucking solutions. Of course, the testing will also help Thor Trucks come through with their goal of beating Tesla as the first electric semi to be released to the trucking market.

When asked about winning the contract with UPS to test the Class 6 truck, Thor Trucks CEO and co-founder Dakota Semler said, “We’re excited about working with a forward-thinking company like UPS, particularly as our first collaboration. UPS is committed to sustainability and operates one of the most well-respected and complex fleets in the country. This is also an incredibly valuable opportunity to gain insight into what it will take to fulfill our mission of getting entire electric fleets on the road.”

By the way, could this new Class 6 electric truck transform the way the Big Brown trucks looks? After all, the ET-One looks more like a space alien than a diesel truck. UPS fans will be happy to know that the signature box style of the Big Brown trucks will remain intact.

Social media: Thor Trucks is the latest company to hit the trucking news with an all-electric semi truck. What do you think about UPS truck drivers using these all-electric trucks for the Big Brown box vans? By the way, if you want to find trucking jobs at UPS we have the jobs for you at Jiggy Jobs!

Source: UPS – Pressroom