JB Hunt Achieves Military Friendly Employer 12th Year in a Row

For the 12th year running, JB Hunt has scored a home run with the designation as a Military Friendly Employer. To be selected for this prestigious honor, JB Hunt goes above and beyond expectations for military truck drivers. Whether you are a military veteran looking for a trucking job or interested in a stateside trucking job when you get out, JB Hunt is a good choice. Check out what this trucking company in Arkansas provides for military truckers and why the company was chosen as a Military Friendly Employer for a dozen years and counting.

Programs for Military Truck Drivers

JB Hunt has been committed to helping military drivers and their families in the trucking industry for decades. The company has several programs geared at military truck drivers. For starters, the company has the Hunt’s Heroes hiring program. The goal of this program is to hire 10,000 veterans at JB Hunt by 2020. As a part of the Hunt’s Heroes initiative, the Arkansas trucking company is offering the JB Hunt National Apprenticeship Program provider by the Department of Labor.

This 12-month training program is specially designed to meet the job placement needs of military veterans. The JB Hunt National Apprenticeship Program was established in November 2016 as part of the overall Hunt’s Heroes mission. Truck drivers who are enrolled in the Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program can choose between several tracts of training. The most common training programs include the CDL A Hiring Program and the Military Finisher Program. These two programs give military veterans the missing pieces to get their commercial trucking career going.

Other programs that are available within the Hunt’s Heroes and the National Apprenticeship Program include the Military Spouse Hiring and the Maintenance Hiring programs. These are aimed at helping military families and those veterans interested in a non-driving career in the trucking industry. This is a viable option for vets with young families or injuries that prohibit them from being out on the road for a long stretch of time.

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Supporting Military Vet Truckers

In order to receive this recognition as a Military Friendly Employer for 12 years in a row, JB Hunt has consistently been in support of vet drivers. As an example of how far JB Hunt goes to support this group of truck drivers, the company honored four vets working at JB Hunt during Military Appreciation Day at the Arkansas Razorback opening game. In fact, one in five of the people currently employed at JB Hunt is military veterans or family members to someone who is a vet.

When asked about the military recognition for supporting veterans, JB Hunt CEO and President John Roberts said, “The women and men who serve our country are some of the most dedicated and skilled workers at JB Hunt. We embrace their values and leadership and are honored to receive this distinction.”

Driving a Truck for JB Hunt

If you are a military veteran or active duty interested in a career as a truck driver, or you have a spouse who is interested, JB Hunt is here to help. The hoops that veterans often have to jump through to be able to get employment after service is far too many.

JB Hunt works to eliminate those hoops by providing military-centric training that focuses on the areas of training you need. The company has successfully trained and currently employs thousands of military veterans, so you will be in good company.

Finding Truck Driving Jobs Today

JB Hunt hires truck drivers for regional truck driving jobs, local trucking jobs, and intermodal freight hauling. The company also provides dedicated trucking services and final mile benefits. You can work for JB Hunt in any of the Lower 48 states.

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Source: JB Hunt – Newsroom