Special Olympics Hosts 14th Annual Truck Convoy in Minnesota

As a CDL truck driver in Minnesota, you have the opportunity to make the difference in someone’s day. Each year for the last 14, the Special Olympics Minnesota has hosted a truck convoy. This convoy is part of a fundraising effort to help raise money to support athletes participating in the Special Olympics in Minnesota. The event is hosted each September, so plan accordingly to be ready for next year’s event.

Trucking Convoy for Special Olympics

The Special Olympics deserves an Olympic size truck convoy, which is exactly what they received this year. The 14th Annual Truck Convoy was held at the Running Aces Casino and Racetrack. This year the truck convoy lasted for two days and included a whole slew of other activities. The actual convoy route ran down Highway 35 and concludes with a return to the casino.

Meanwhile, the casino hosted the Fabulous DelCounts rock and roll band. This was a public event that was free for everyone who wanted to attend. All throughout the convoy event, there was coffee and donuts, as well as raffled prizes. On Saturday at the opening of the Special Events ceremony, there was a recognition of all of the athletes in attendance.

This ceremony including the Torch of Hope in which athletes will run with the torch to light the Olympics torch and signify the start of the ceremonies. During this part of the event, the athletes were actually riding in the big rigs with truckers in the Truck Convoy. It was a very special opportunity to give these athletes and their drivers a thrill of a lifetime. The ceremony concluded with giving out ribbons to participants and cheering the drivers off for their departure from the event.

Volunteering as a Truck Driver

Being a truck driver might mean you have to stay away for long periods of time. You might think that you have no time to volunteer or support your community. However, that is so very far from the truth. Maintain a healthy work-life balance as a truck driver by participating in truck convoys, such as the one hosted by the Special Olympics Minnesota. There are truck convoys held in every state all throughout the year for special occasions, holidays, and important events.

You can also volunteer for other trucker-friendly projects, such as Trucker Buddy International. If you truly don’t feel like you have the time to give in hours, you can volunteer in another way. Organizations need money, and in fact, without financial support nonprofits would never exist. You can give to funds like the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund that pays for utilities for truckers out of work due to medical or personal emergencies.

By volunteering your time or money, you become an important, supportive member of your community. For many truckers, this can be the inspiration that helps them wake up each day and pick up that next truckload. Helping others whether it is the Special Olympics in your state or your local classroom of 3rd graders can make your trucking job all the more special.

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Source: Special Olympics Minnesota – Press