CR England and England Logistics Join Forces

As one of the leading trucking companies in the US, CR England is doing more than just hiring the best truck drivers. Recently this Salt Lake City, Utah trucking company and its subsidiary England Logistics joined forces. The two companies are working to combat childhood hunger with the One Initiative. Accordingly, the goal is to give one million meals to children each year. Find out more about this awesome community project that is helping truckers connect to their community.

About the One Initiative

The One Initiative is geared at providing children in need with food. The organization hopes to make an impact on the 13 million kids in the US who don’t have access to enough food to eat. When children don’t have enough food this leads to a whole host of problems. In addition to having trouble in school, these kids are also at risk for health issues including malnutrition.

According to CR England President Josh England, “Reducing the impact of childhood hunger is what we hope to accomplish through the One initiative. We are passionate about this cause and want to do our part in helping to solve this problem in our communities.”

How the One Initiative Operates

The way this program is going to work is CR England and England Logistics will be making donations at local food banks for youth meal programs. Every time a load of freight is hauled, a percentage of that load is deducted for the One Initiative. This funding will come from business transactions from the Utah trucking company.

Each company has set up a system so that a portion of profits go directly to the companies providing meals or to the programs feeding youth. In addition, these donations are all going to stay local. These transactions will go to help those hungry children within the community. That means CR England drivers are directly helping their community through this program.

Some of the food banks that are participating in the One Initiative include the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana; Community Food Bank in Fresno, CA; and the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank.

Volunteering as a Trucker

CR England and England Logistics are also going to be hosting events and fundraisers throughout the year to help boost funding for the One Initiative. Plus, if you are a CR England truck driver and you are interested in volunteering at a local food bank, you will be encouraged to do so. CR England makes it easy for truck drivers to excel with a healthy work-life balance.

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Working for CR England as a Trucker

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Source: CR England – Info