YRC Freight Truck Drivers Selected as ATA Road Team Finalists

To work for a trucking company in the US that has one truck driver selected for the ATA Road Team finalists is awesome. But two? That feat was recently achieved by YRC Freight by truck drivers Jeff Rose and Russ James. Find out who these truck drivers for Kansas trucking company YRC are all about. Then learn how you can find your next trucking job with a safe leader in the trucking industry like YRC Freight.

About the ATA Road Team

The American Trucking Associations Road Team is a crew of the safest, most professional and honorable truck drivers in the industry. The Road Team Captains are those truck drivers who represent the trucking industry in all manners. Whether they are visiting with schools and teaching kids about what it’s like to be a trucker or serving in the political arena as an advocate for truck drivers, the Road Team drivers are the cream of the crop.

To be included in the 34 finalists for the 2019-2020 Road Team takes more than just having a perfect driving record and CSA score. You have to do more than things like drive a million miles safely and win first prize at national truck shows. Of course, doing those things help you get to the ATA Road Team. However, you have to do more. You need to be nominated by a trucking employer or individual who recognizes your leadership abilities.

Road Team Finalists at YRC Freight

Two of the truck drivers at YRC Freight earned top marks as nominees for the ATA Road Team. Drivers Russ James and Jeff Rose are going on to the final selection process. This will be held in January in Arlington, Virginia when a group of evaluators will select the Road Team Captains.

According to T. J. O’Connor, president of YRC Freight, “Russ and Jeff are true champions of safety. They are two of YRC Freight’s best drivers operating safely and professionally on North America’s highways. We congratulate them for their commitment to quality, unparalleled customer service and unmatched enthusiasm. We salute them for their continued dedication to keeping our highways safe.”

Meet Jeff Rose

As a truck driver working line haul freight jobs at YRC Freight, Jeff Rose has been working for this carrier for an outstanding 27 years. All in all, Rose has been a professional trucker for 34 years, during which he also has driven 3 million miles without an accident. Before getting nominated for the ATA Road Team, Rose was already a winner.

He has worked his way up the ranks in the truck driving championships, reaching 2nd place in the Twins category in the National Truck Driving Championships in 2017. Rose is currently on the YRC Freight R36 Safety Team and supports the Ohio Motor Carrier Enforcement and highway patrol as these entities work to improve truck driver safety.

Meet Russ James

For the last 14 years, Russ James has worked for YRC Freight as a line haul truck driver. Overall, James has invested 38 years in his trucking career. He has also driven more than 3 million miles accident-free and has competed in the National Truck Driving Championships two times. Along with Rose, James is a safety trainer for YRC Freight.

Truck Driving Jobs at YRC Freight

To join a fleet of safe drivers who are leaders in the trucking industry is a great way to start your trucking career. If you are interested in LTL trucking jobs in Kansas and the rest of the US, YRC Freight has a place for you. This trucking company is hiring drivers for P&D trucking jobs or pick up and delivery, as well as OTR trucking jobs. In fact, you can get hired on at YRC Freight in a combination of these two types of trucking positions.

If you are new to the trucking industry and getting your CDL, YRC Freight has a Driver Development Program. This is for student drivers and entry-level truck drivers who are looking for trucking jobs. Even if you have zero experience you can get hired on via this four-week on the job, paid training.

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Source: YRC Freight – News