Estes Express One of Top 50 Companies by Women Truck Driving Association

Among the ranks of Michelin, Peterbilt Motors Company, and Daimler Trucks North America is Estes Express. These companies join the ranks of the Top 50 Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation. This list honors all of those companies, according to the Women in Trucking Association, that support the organization’s mission. Find out more about the best companies for women truck drivers and why Estes Express of Virginia deserves a place among these honorable employers.

About Top 50 Companies List and Award

The Top 50 Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation award was designed by the Women in Trucking Association to give a shout-out for companies supporting women. Brian Everett, Redefining the Road publisher, was reported as saying, “This newly created award is driven by the marketplace, and the sheer number of individuals in the industry who participated in the process is incredible.”

This list includes companies across all industries and all continents. No boundaries for this award means that women, in general, who want to work for a company that supports them have a good place to start. Along with Estes Express, other trucking companies included among the top 50 but not limited to are FedEx, American Central Transport, Bennett International, and Navajo Express, Inc.

A Mission for Women in Trucking Association

As for the purpose of the award that goes along with being featured on this list, the mission falls in line with the WITA mission. That mission is to help women with employment while supporting these women truck drivers in many ways. As there is only five percent of women truck drivers in the industry, and 50 percent of the population are women, this is a huge loss in the potential for filling those truck driving jobs. This organization and other associations that support female truck drivers in any capacity are much needed in the industry.

For truck drivers reading this who are men, this is a prime opportunity to see if you work for a company that supports women. Sure, you aren’t a woman, but you most likely are either married to one or are a father to one. You would want to provide the women in your life every opportunity to have the same level playing field as men, wouldn’t you?

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Driving a Truck for Estes Express

By working for a trucking company like Estes Express you are working on an equal opportunity fleet. This can make you feel better about doing your trucking job, knowing that women truck drivers who have the skills and the drive can make their way in the industry, too. This award shows the dedication that Estes has for all of its drivers including women who are searching for truck driving jobs in Virginia.

According to CEO Rob Estes and president of Estes Express, “Receiving this recognition is quite an honor. Women have long played key roles at our company — even back when we covered just a single state: Virginia. Today, we recruit skilled candidates from across the nation for a variety of important leadership, front line, and behind-the-scenes positions.”

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Source: Estes – Press Release