Ryder System, Inc. Chosen as World’s Most Admired Company by Fortune Magazine

When a leading magazine publication calls your trucking company the most admired in the world, it just feels great. Simply great. That must be what Ryder System, Inc. managers and truck drivers must be feeling because the carrier was just named one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2019. More specifically, this title was bestowed on the carrier by Fortune Magazine—and not for the first time either. Learn more about what this prestigious title is all about and how you can find a trucking job at Ryder System, Inc.

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About the World’s Most Admired Company

Each year Fortune Magazine goes through the effort of stringently sorting and reviewing companies around the world. The goal is to find those companies that rise to the top as one of the most respected among all industries. To manage this Herculean task, Fortune Magazine depended on the results of 3,750 surveys taking from industry experts, business analysts, and executive leaders. The methodology involved looking at each of these companies from a specific list of areas. These companies were then evaluated according to their people management skills, social responsibility, quality, and innovation among other factors.

Ryder System, Inc. is a trucking company in Miami, Florida that offers fleet management, as well as dedicated trucking loads through the US, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Established in 1933, Ryder has over 36,100 employees and 50,000 customers. To be able to handle all of this business with a professional attitude is more than impressive. It is the type of quality you come to expect from a trucking company selected as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2019. In fact, this is the seventh—that’s right—the seventh year in a row that Ryder System, Inc. has achieved this great success.

According to Ryder CEO and Chairman, Robert Sanchez, I couldn’t be any prouder of the company and its dedicated employees as this is a tremendous honor to be ranked for the seventh consecutive year by Fortune as one of the most admired companies in the world. The consistent recognition by one of the most prestigious business magazines truly sets Ryder apart from its competitors and is a reflection of not only our portfolio of premier transportation and logistics solutions but a testament to our dedicated employees who embody Ryder’s customer-centric values.

Working for Ryder System, Inc.

As a truck driver, you want to work for a trucking company like Ryder System, Inc. This is the type of Florida trucking company that will help you excel in your professional truck driver career. Along with having plenty of freight to haul, Ryder is always going to have the latest equipment and innovative trucking systems. This is what you want to see as a truck driver. After all, your trucking job and paycheck depends on it. When you haul for a less than stellar trucking company with subpar equipment, you can go ahead and start deducting from your paycheck. These trucks end up costing you in productivity, as well as in your patience. Work for a trucking company with the best equipment if you want to be in a position to make the most money. It’s that simple.

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Source: Ryder – Newsroom