DHL Express Certified as Top 2019 Employer in the U.S.

According to a study from the Society of Human Resource Management, it costs about $4,130 for a company to hire a new employee, with the average time it takes to fill a position coming in at about 40 days. It’s a big reason why it always behooves companies to hang onto their current employees, rather than manage the turnover caused by people jumping trucking companies or moving on to another industry. When you work in factors like posting the position, making time to interview applicants, and then training and getting that new professional up to speed, it all adds up in the long run.

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That said, we find it admirable that companies like DHL Express Certified are taking the lead in the industry when it comes to treating their employees well and providing them with the resources to keep them at their company, rather than seeing them leave to work somewhere else. The company’s hard work in this category has paid off — and for the fifth consecutive year — as it was recently recognized as a Global Top Employer in 2019 by the Top Employer’s Institute. The honors are awarded based on a human resources survey the Top Employer’s Institute conducts every year, reviewing factors such as workforce planning, development management, compensation, career planning, onboarding and culture, among others. These various factors are accumulated and then used to make a determination. And for the past five years, DHL Express Certified has been on the receiving end of such a designation, a sign that the company holds its workers in high value.

Work Life at DHL

Employee satisfaction is a big deal at DHL Express Certified. It’s why the company strives to provide its employees with regular career advancing opportunities in addition to quality, engaging work environment. All of its new employees receive a comprehensive introduction to the company, its values and more via a thorough onboarding process and training program.

DHL also makes sure that its employees enjoy going into work each day, as studies show that happy employees are also more productive ones. One of the ways it accomplishes this is by hosting a four-day DHL Americas Cup. During the event, about 1,500 employees from a variety of the company’s offices come together to compete in a soccer tournament and cheerleading competition. DHL has found the event to be a great one as far as team building is concerned. It also gives its workers a chance to meet and engage with DHL professionals in other offices.

The company also allows its employees to volunteer at periods throughout the year to help beautify communities and participate in causes that they care about.

Like we said in the opening, the facts aren’t kind to businesses that experience a lot of turnovers. In addition to a lack of continuity that businesses experience from heavy turnover, there’s also the added cost of posting truck driving jobs, interviewing and training, not to mention the lost productivity that comes with this. What’s more is that good employees likely aren’t leaving just for the sake of leaving, they’re often leaving because the current company that they work for is no longer offering them the opportunities or advances that they desire. It’s why it pays for a company to invest in a culture that promotes advancing, employee happiness and thereby retention. DHL Express Certified has been praised for this for the past five years, and it’s likely a big part of the reason why the company is prospering today. Its employees enjoy coming to work each day because they work for a company that cares about them. It’s a big deal. Congrats to DHL for recognizing it.

Source: DHL – News