Total Transportation Receives Best in Cargo Security Award

Recently, Total Transportation of Mississippi was awarded the Best in Cargo Security Award. The award was given by CargoNet, a company that specializes in cargo theft prevention and recovery in the trucking industry. So to be listed as the best in cargo security by experts in this niche is quite the honor. See more about how this trucking company in the Southeast won this award and how you can find truck driving jobs at Total Transportation of Mississippi.

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Best in Cargo Security

To earn the Best in Cargo Security Award, a trucking company has to excel in cargo protection. This means a dedication to prevention against theft, loss, or damaged cargo. By focusing on cargo security as a truck driver, you do more than just secure your future as a truck driver hoping for better-paying trucking jobs. You are helping your employer to reduce overhead expenses, which in turn boosts profits that can trickle down into pay raises and bonuses for drivers.

When trucking companies are subject to stolen or damaged freight, they have to report this to their insurance company. Some of the most common types of cargo claims include concealed freight damage and loss during transport. When you have to deal with cargo claims, it’s a costly affair both in time and money. Plus, there’s a ton of paperwork you have to go through. This is just one of many reasons why you, as a truck driver, must take cargo security seriously.

Working for a trucking company like Total Transportation of Mississippi that specializes in cargo security means you have an easier trucking job. You are driving for a carrier that provides you with the tools and resources to ensure you are able to stay safe over the road—both you and your cargo.

Ryan Shepherd, a general manager for Total Transportation of Mississippi, said, “Total Transportation of Mississippi places a heavy emphasis on cargo security, through reactive and proactive operating procedures. We are pleased to give this award in recognition of their passion and dedication in supply chain security.”

Arkie Hodges, serving as a senior safety manager at Total Transportation of Mississippi, explained further, “Cargonet keeps us informed on cargo theft trends and hotspots so we can take proactive steps to protect our customer’s freight. If a load is stolen, Cargonet will work with local law enforcement to get our equipment and load recovered. They have certainly made my job easier.”

Truck Driving Jobs at Total Transportation of Mississippi

Total Transportation of Mississippi is a trucking company based in Richland, Mississippi. The company hires truck drivers for truckload freight, dedicated routes, and expedited hauls. A cool fact about the carrier is that the fleet has three times more women compared to the rest of trucking companies in the US. When driving for Total Transportation of Mississippi you have access to technology and resources like CargoNet to help keep your freight secure. This helps you keep your trucking job secure, which is always a good thing.

What if you are looking for a new trucking job? Well, we have you covered. Here at Jiggy Jobs, we feature trucking jobs for all haul types including truckload, dedicated, and expedited. An example of a current job posting at Total Transportation of Mississippi shows that local dedicated drivers can start out at 52 cents per mile with a $2,500 sign-on bonus. To get hired on, you need to be endorsed in doubles/triples for trailers on your CDL. Drivers are home every weekend and run 100 percent no-touch drop and hook freight. You also get paid for each drop and hook haul to the tune of $45 per load.

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Source: Total Transportation – News