NFI Named Top 3PL Provider 11th Time by Inbound Logistics

One of the top trucking companies in the US, NFI at Camden, New Jersey, was recently recognized by a major publication. Inbound Logistics magazine presented NFI with the honor of being on the Top 100 3PL Provider list for the 11th consecutive time. Quite the accomplishment for any trucking company and certainly in the running for the most wins in a row by a carrier that we’ve seen. Find out what it takes to operate as a heavy truck hauler on the NFI fleet.

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About NFI as Top 3PL Provider

As Top 3PL Provider of today, the trucking company NFI has been in operation since 1932. Currently, the company has more than 300 trucking and distribution centers in North America. They provide end to end supply chain services.

This includes port drayage, dedicated freight, and intermodal transport with a fleet of 4,000 trucks and 9,700 trailers. NFI also has 11,300 people working for the corporation, which also provides global logistics, brokerage, distribution, and transportation management.

As a result of these networks and services, NFI is proud to be such a long standing member of such an elite list of third-party logistics providers. According to the CEO of NFI, Sid Brown, “NFI offers more than 86 years of experience and expertise navigating business trends, regulations, and market shifts.

As a strategic business partner to our customers, NFI’s deep knowledge of the industry, commitment to quality, and ability to engineer customized solutions are what sets us apart. Our success can be attributed to our team of talented and passionate individuals, and their dedication to delivering world-class customer service and creative solutions.”

NFI Expands Operations

Along with being a great trucking company to drive for thanks to the inter-workings of the logistics operations, NFI is consistently upgrading its fleet services. In 2018, the company acquired SCR, a non-asset based logistics company in Seattle, WA.

SCR provides LTL, intermodal, flatbed hauls, and truckload haul services. The year before that NFI acquired the California Cartage Company. This company offers port drayage hauls, as well as port trucking jobs and transloading services.

Thanks to these acquisitions, NFI offers truck driving jobs in refrigerated hauls, flatbed hauls, oversized loads, intermodal freight, and final mile services. The company provides truckload and less than truckload freight hauls. You can get hired on at NFI as a company driver or as an owner-operator.

Benefits of Company Acquisitions

In addition, the logistics side of NFI is partnered with more than 40,000 companies handling 300,000 shipments yearly. What this means for you is you have access, as a truck driver for NFI, to this logistics technology. You’re going to be able to get the best loads at this trucking company using their algorithms, shipping data, quote rates, and more.

This means better-paying loads for you and more seamless methods for finding those loads. Saving time as a truck driver, and getting better-paying truckloads, means you are going to earn more per mile—and more over the year.

Finding Trucking Jobs at NFI

Now that you know what to expect when driving a truck for NFI, it is time to get to work. Work finding a trucking job, that is. Search for company driver jobs, as well as owner-operator jobs, in your city and state here at Jiggy Jobs. Give our search engine the opportunity to find you the jobs you have always dreamed of for your trucking career.

Whether you decide to work for NFI or another local trucking company near you, we have the resources to make that dream a reality. Plus, these resources won’t cost you a cent.

Source: NFI – News