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If you had a chance to work for a trucking company that provides you with more than just the barebones in safety—you would choose that company each and every time. After all, your safety as a truck driver is paramount. You have to know your equipment and dispatching team are readily there to support you when need be over the road. Take the Rising Star of the National Safety Council at PGT Trucking. This trucking company has recently recognized the OSHA and Safe Operations Manager, and former company driver, with the National Safety Council Award. Find out more about this safety award as one of the Rising Stars of Safety and apply for truck driving jobs.

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Meet Alan Harff

Harff was hired by PGT Trucking as an OTR flatbed driver in 2015. Since then he has worked his way up in the trucking company. He managed to make his way from behind the wheel to an office position as Safe Operations Manager in the Safety Department at the trucking company. In this leadership position, Harff handles truck drivers who haul freight out of eight trucking terminals across the nation. All in all, there are nearly 300 truck drivers working at PGT Trucking who depend on Harff on a regular basis. When he is not working in the office, Harff is a volunteer firefighter who has worked as a 911 dispatcher and EMT before he entered the trucking industry.

The National Safety Council recently recognized a trucking company operations manager for a job well done. If you are a truck driver at PGT Trucking, then you already know of Alan Harff. He is the OSHA and Safe Operations Manager at PGT Trucking. The National Safety Council recently recognized the Rising Stars of Safety. These are safety professionals in the trucking industry and other OSHA regulated industries. The winners are those individuals who go above and beyond to make sure their workers are safe in the workplace. For truck drivers at PGT Trucking, having Harff on the payroll is a huge benefit. Harff and other Rising Stars are recognized for their ability to identify safety issues in organizations for proactive practices.

Kelly Nantel, serving as the National Safety Council Vice President, Communications and Advocacy, said, “A strong workplace safety culture reaches beyond the confines of an organization and into our communities. National Safety Council award winners understand that an employee who prioritizes safety is a community member who will watch out for friends and neighbors. They are truly making a difference both at work and at home.”

“In such a short time, Alan has progressively moved into positions with more safety responsibilities. I foresee a bright future for him within our organization. He is a valued employee who makes himself available whenever needed with the goal of keeping our drivers, employees and public safe,” said Rhonda Yost, who is the Vice President, Compliance, Safety and Training at PGT.

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